The best way to learn more about our Forex trading strategy is to come to one of our LIVE webinars. We will show you the the strategy and system software and you'll understand how Forex trading works and then you'll be able to make your own trades with complete confidence. This is exactly the same forex trading strategies that are used by full time professional traders. It is a unique forex trading system whcih includes special software that will identify these high-probability trading opportunities and alert you on screen and via email.

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Our system is an end of day system, meaning that you will only check for new trades at the end of the trading day, at the close of the daily candle. It should not take you more than 20 minutes to scan the currency pairs and place the new trades or manage any open positions.

Our system does not use any indicators but instead is based purely on price action and the contraction and expansion of price at certain times in the market.

The set-up identifies a contraction in price that can rapidly expand past a logical support & resistance level. When price does break through this level, then the probability of it continuing is stacked in our favor. Will it do it every time? No, of course not, but it does not need to do it every time, as we have a very well worked out risk to reward on the trade. Therefore even if it was to do it 50% of the time we can still make good money at the end of the month, and in fact the strike ratio is higher than this.

The price action setup that we teach you is very easy to understand and learn even for a complete novice, plus it will also be confirmed on the actual screen and via email, so there is no confusion.

We are aware and respect the long-term trend, however we do not define the trend as part of this trading system. Instead we let price action decide on the direction for that day.

This is essentially because you could have 10 people trading on the same day at exactly the same moment and each one will define the trend differently, depending on the time frame they are trading at that time. The other point is that price often retracts or retraces from the current trend, so often you will experience a price reversal at the moment you enter the trade in the direction of the perceived trend.

So as part of our strategy we set both a buy and sell pending orders and wait for price to pick a direction and break through the logical support or resistance level. Once one order enters the market, ie; the BUY then the other one, ie: SELL is cancelled and vice versa. If none enter the market within 24 hours then both pending orders will be cancelled.

(Our optional trade mgt software will do this all automatically for you).

Our Trade Alert software will display a new set-up on the actual trading chart, as well as email you to your smartphone or PDA. You will also learn how to use your own judgment to decide when to stay out of the market. This unique & valuable software is yours to keep for life.

The optional software will allow you to set all the pending orders in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is drag and drop the script onto the trading chart and it places all the pending orders into the MT4, including the correct lot size based on your account balance and our money mgt rules.

It will also manage the trade from start to finish. This means that if you are away from the PC or sleeping then the software will bring the SL to breakeven at the appropriate time so it protects the trade, this then becomes a free trade. It will also move the SL as the trade progresses according to our rules, so that it will lock in profits along the way.

This then ensures that no matter what, you have the best possibility of making money on the trade.